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Drug-free. Evidence-based.  Wellness coaching and classes to achieve vitality and feel at home in your body.

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Spice Up Your Healing

Classes for managing your weight and increasing vitality using the latest in nutrition, mind-body techniques, and the healing power of nature.

Weight Management

Learn out-of-the-diet box techniques to achieve lasting results and better health.  

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The Power of Plants

Learn herbal remedies that you can use at home to ease many common ailments.

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Mind-Body Healing

Heal from trauma and abusive relationships with coaching, energy healing, and classes designed for optimizing the mind-body connection. 

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About the teacher:


Hi, I'm Erin, and I've been using my love of nutrition, plant medicine, energy medicine, and biology to help others achieve the life they have been waiting for. Join me for a virtual class or coaching.


More About Me

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IF you have been on several diets in your lifetime, you know that it gets harder and harder to lose weight.  This is because your metabolism is slowing with each period of restriction.  Download my free guide to help your body heal and start to increase your metabolic rate.  

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Why Am I So Damn Tired?

Nov 28, 2021

Don’t Let PMS Run Your Life

Nov 28, 2021

What can you expect from Wellness Coaching?

I LOVE working with clients one-on-one!  Many people suffer from roadblocks on the pathway to health.  Sometimes you need a compassionate and understanding coach to help you on your way.  Here’s what you can expect.  

Nutrition and Supplements

You'll learn how to use food as medicine, and unlock the power of plants to achieve optimum health.

A Cheerleader

I have combined my 14 years of training in POSITIVE ways to help you overcome barriers and adopt positive behaviors.


I use all of my knowledge of integrative nutrition, weight management, and even energy medicine to create a plan just for you, every week. 



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Make 2022 a Success!  

From Diet Drama to Magnetic Mama: Learn how to lose the ineffective diets and keep the weight off.  Now enrolling. 

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Now offering corporate wellness coaching


As am employer, you lose out financially when your employees are absent, or even when they are present but not performing at their best.  I offer wellness workshops and coaching programs for employers and their employees.

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