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What Does Biofeedback Do?  

Biofeedback harnesses the power of the mind-body connection by regulating the heart rhythm.  Our heart sends out a magnetic field that has profound effects on our brains, the hormones that it secretes, the thoughts that it thinks, its messages to the rest of our body, and can even effect our relationships by changing the hearts of others.  

Biofeedback and Trauma

Biofeedback can be especially helpful for survivors of trauma, and those who have endured prolonged exposure to stressful situations.  These experiences can set up neural networks in the brain that are initially helpful in the acute traumatic event, but overtime become burdensome and dysfunctional as in those with post traumatic stress disorder.  Biofeedback can help to regulate the nervous system and rewire the response in the brain.  It can also give you tools to use when you are feeling triggered or reminded of past stressful events.  Whether you simply have test-taking anxiety, or you have had suffered from extreme abuse, or you are having difficulty navigating your life after a traumatic situation, biofeedback can offer you real-time tools to ensure that you can have your life back.  Clients with overwhelming stress and trauma are some of my favorite people to work with because I can see such incredible results in such a small amount of time.  

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