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Debunking the Myths of the Dieting Industry

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Why Dieting Does Not Work

The dieting industry would LOVE to take your money and get you to sign up for yet another diet.  The problem is, you will likely gain the weight back.  PLUS some.  Learn the reasons why dieting will not help you lose weight.


The real truth behind your weight, and the reasons why you gain weight.  

The dieting industry would like you to believe that fat people are lazy.  They try to convince you that if you just TRY harder, or have greater willpower the pounds will melt off.  This simply isn’t true.  


Why counting calories or carbs or macros is not going to lead to long-lasting weight loss.

A calorie is not actually a calorie.  Your body actually needs all of the macronutrients.  Counting these things may lead to short-term changes, but will ultimately cause you to gain back the weight.  


Stop Dieting, Stop Feeling like crap from dieting.

You deserve to feel comfortable in your body.  You deserve to eat when you are hungry.  You deserve to stop obsessing over the scale.  In this masterclass I am going to teach why you should give up on the dieting industry and start living your life.  

"I absolutely love Erin. She has been so patient and kind with me, and I love working with her. She has always listened carefully and offered positive solutions to my issues. I would highly recommend her as a health coach to anyone."


Are you tired of worrying about the scale?  

Are you stuck on the dieting cycle?  I understand.  Our culture literally sets us up to fail.  Thin bodies are made into the ideal, and then we are sold endless dieting plans and dieting books to solve our problems for us.  However, they never actually DO solve anything.  We go on a diet, lose the weight, and gain it back.  It was easier when we were younger, but as we age and with each additional diet, it gets harder and harder to lose weight.  

This is not your fault!  It is actually completely normal and related to your hormones.  Your body is actually an amazing machine that protects you from dying of starvation by turning on certain mechanisms that result in weight gain being relatively easy, but weight loss being very difficult.  

Learn why you don’t need to worry about dieting or the scale anymore, because it simply is not the answer.  

A Note From The Instructor...

Hi.  I am Erin Fenstermacher.  I started out wanting to be a physician.  I attended Creighton University for medical school because I had a strong thirst for knowledge, and I wanted to help people get healthier.  I completed residency in South Carolina, and then I accumulated 10 years of experience as a physician in 3 different countries.  I always felt like Western medicine was not enough to prevent chronic disease, so I did a fellowship in Integrative Medicine under Dr. Andrew Weil, obtained my Board certification in Obesity Medicine, and received my health coach training in Integrative Nutrition.  I also have lost 30 pounds on my own by putting all of this knowledge together.  I now enjoying coaching and creating classes for women so that they can improve their self-esteem, feel comfortable in their bodies, and live with vitality.